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Challenging reformer and mat-based pilates classes you can do anytime, anywhere.

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anytime, anywhere

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Pilates classes 

for all levels

Whether you’re a beginner who’s starting your pilates journey, or an expert who needs a challenge, there's something for everyone.

New workouts

uploaded regularly

Mix up your routine with our vast library of fun and challenging workouts.

No days off!

Experience the Forma Method

At Forma, our main focus is form and precision; targeting small muscle groups and lengthening each muscle by slow and controlled movements. Forma's attention to detail, technique and posture are unparalleled. Each class, like our in-person sessions- is tailored to help you push yourself to build endurance, strengthen your core, and help you see serious results.

Whether you want to follow a full 50-minute workout or design your own with quick and fun 10-minute classes, we have everything you need to get the body, booty, and abs you’ve been wanting. The hype is real.

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7 Day Fitness Challenge

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Get a taste of the Forma Method with our 7 Day Fitness Challenge. 

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Frequently asked questions

What equipment do I need?

Please find a list of recommended equipment, however, all exercises can be modified with or without equipment. - Yoga mat - Resistance bands - Mini stability ball - 2-3 lbs weights - Ankle weights (optional) Forma Pilates Bundle coming soon

What is the difficulty level?

Forma Pilates Online offers workouts and exercises for all levels.

How often will you post new videos?

New workout videos will be released on a bi-monthly basis!

What types of classes are offered?

Workouts will vary but include: - Core
- Reformer
- Full body
- Booty
- Abs - Arms

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